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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Taking a nap.

I love taking a nap in the backyard during the summer. Shhhh!

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hi, im claudia, i live in cali colombia, i have a nova scotia duck tolling retriever, the name is doki, inicially i buy because my son want a dog, but then a discovered that is the best thing that i can it, doki is a beautiful dog, is faithful, tender, affectionate, spoiled, intelligent,
brilliant is the best dog of the world, but i dont know other person in colombia have tolling retrievers or breeders, doki have 10 months and when i see you blog about kenia inmediatly thing i need make a pics album to doki, your kenia's pics are beautiful and use one for screensaver i can??, bye, i sorry my english not is good. claudia
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