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Friday, November 04, 2005


What's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever like?

Hey folks, Kenya's Dad here.
A lot of people have asked "What's a Nova Scotia Duck Toller like? I'm thinking of getting one." Duck Tollers are hard to describe. They require lots of exercise and are unhappy when this is not the case, and in Kenya's case can cause quite the destruction of the house when not exercised and then left alone for the day. Duck Tollers are inquisitive, yet very wary of strangers and new things. They are EXTREMELY STRONG swimmers, and their drive to enter the water is unbelievable. We try to bring Kenya swimming daily throughout the summer, which is not always possible in an urban setting such as ours. Kenya is lucky she has a big backyard and a park right in behind our house. Duck Tollers are fiercely loyal and as such make good watch dogs. For more on the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever you can purchase one of the books on the left of my page through Sometimes, if you're lucky you can get a used one at significantly less cost than new.

If you are considering a Duck Toller as a pet, you can't go wrong, but please make sure you know the time and effort required each and every day. To keep a healthy, and happy pet.

Thanks. James Charron.

Neil (from the UK), I mistakenly deleted your comment and would like to repost it. Please send me your comment again. Thanks.

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