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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Kenya the Nova Scotia Duck Toller senses something.

With my Duck Toller senses I can hear through this fence. There's a cat on the other side!! Damn it! Open this door right now. I've chased a cat before, and then it stopped running. I didn't know what to do so I left. It's not fun when they don't run. Gotta go. Bye.

Hey... I'm really interested in purchasing a Toller. Do you have any advice? How much "work" are they? Everything I've read says they need TONS of exercise, etc. etc. but I think all dogs do. If you get a moment, could you email me? I'd really appreciate it. I desperately want a dog and hope this will be a good fit! or you can read my blog and post there too. Thanks so much!
Thanks for your email! Glad to hear tollers are such good companions. I've had trouble locating breeders and those I have located have been less-than-communicative. I hope to find a puppy soon. If you have any suggestions on where to look in that department, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
James: Thanks! Everything I've read has told me that it's very important to meet the mother and father (but usually the mother is just available) when buying a dog. I guess that convention wisdom can't work if I'm having a dog shipped to me (and I can't find a breeder that's within driving distance?) How do you determine if the breeder is reputable since you can't see the conditions in which they're raised?
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