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Monday, August 29, 2005


Rolling Stones concert.

I was bored last night, as my parents attended some musical event called the Rolling Stones. What kind of deal is that? I get to guard the house. C'mon. Mick Jagger! He's gonna get it when I meet him. *$#%$^#@! Hey, there's some food on the floor over there. See ya.

Cheer up puppy. I hear it was a lousy concert and everyone had a bad time. You had a better time scouting out dust bunnies!
Hey Kenya !

Your parents did not buy you a ticket ?!! Can't believe it.

Ask for a ticket for the upcoming U2 concert ! They really can't refuse this time.

And if they ask you if you want to take a companion with you, ask for MOG. Thanks Kenya !
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